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June 2000
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The outreach centre has now been in operation for almost a year. Jointly funded by orkney Enterprise and Orkney College, it provides video-conferencing facilities, a computer with fast internet access, colour printer and scanner, all for public use. The centre co-ordinator explains, 'The video conferencing facilities give us access to a large number of taught courses, from dergree courses run by Aberdeen University, through vocational certificate course from Orkney College, to evening classes run by the Community Education Department. Already a couple of folk from Eday have taken part in degree courses and half a dozen have done basic computing from the college. I also know of folk on Stronsay and Sanday that are doing Norwegian evening classes and German day classes from the Grammar School. It is important that you contact either the Open Learning Dept. at the college (01856 872839) or the Opportuities Centre (01856 872460)

The video conferencing facilities aren't just about learning - the Lunch Club for instance, has linked up with Papa Westary Lunch Club. The two groups saw each other, chatted and shared photos. Similarly, Stephen Hagan 'attended' a community council meeting and David Steele attended a school borad meeting. The possibilities will soon be boundless - meet relatives and friends south, attend a wedding or have an interview with your bank manager - all without leaving the island!

The computer, scanner and printerare available for internet access, sending emails, copying photos, writing letters etc. Access to the computer is easiest in the evenings as it is used a lot by the school during the day.

Charges for using this equipment are very reasonable, the computer for example costs roughly £1 per half hour whilst the videophone is around £10 per hour. Trial sessions are free!

For further details or to arrange use of these facilities email: